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What does Coo-ee mean?

‘Coo-ee’ is a bush call, amazingly audible over long distances, first used by Australian Aboriginals and recorded in 1790.                                                                                                                    It was later adopted by timber-getters to attract attention. The coo-ee call is as Australian as our best-known icons and                                                                                                                     is still used today, more often as a friendly call, both out in the bush and in the city.

Do you sell Royalty Free images?

We only licence Rights Managed images.

How much does a picture cost?

Our pricing is geared towards the price-conscious-end user. The price is based on usage.
Call us to discuss this with actual examples.

Does Coo-ee sell movie film?

While our collection is of still images, it is possible for production companies to incorporate animationand movement,                                                                                                     especially into historical images.

Does Coo-ee sell prints?

Not at the present. Check back later for information on possible print sales.

Can I get a discount?

Discounts are available for bulk orders.

Can photographers submit work to Coo-ee?

We recommend photographers firstly contact us for a chat.

Who is Coo-ee?

Coo-ee Picture Library’s founder and Chief Photographer is Ron Ryan.

When did you start Coo-ee?

Coo-ee Picture Library came into existence in 1986 after a name change from Photographic Agency of Australia which started in 1978.

Is Coo-ee connected to Coo-ee …?

‘Coo-ee’ is a Registered Trademark and is not connected with any other business calling itself Coo-ee.